Hello, my name is Tien G. Nguyen.
I'm a ❤️ father, ✏️ writer & 🛠️ founder from ✈ Montréal.


Pretty. Tasty. Toppings.

Crunchy, Colourful &
Flavourful Small-Batch Toppings.

In 2023, I decided to bring to life a project that blends food and packaging. Two of my favourite topics.Cooking is one of the few activities where I can melt into the process and feel serene. Forming a whole out of parts is an underrated, addictive experience.I'm also a sucker for great packaging. If I'm the one buying, I definitely will judge a book by its cover.To help me perk up my dishes beyond commonplace herbs and spices, I decided to create a line of small-batch, crunchy, visually enticing toppings that combine the best of seasoning and garnishing: enhancing both taste and aesthetics.Stunning Toppings launches in 2024.stuningtoppings.com